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TechXcl helps SaaS companies implement operational excellence across sales, marketing, product, engineering, services and support.

What do successful Entrepreneurs and Investors think about the need to develop operational excellence?

The question of: "What is the right time in a startup for processes, systems and data?" came up during The Lifecycle of Building a Successful Company conference presented by Navidar in Indianapolis on June 21, 2018. Here are responses from two of the panelists:

Steve Ehrlich, COO at Bolstra and former President at PolicyStat: "At PolicyStat, we started documenting processes on Day 1. From the start you should be building your foundation for scaling and thinking about how you would operate as a larger company. Keep the end in mind."

Ting Gootee, Chief Investment Officer at Elevate Ventures: "Startups should be working on that foundation for scaling by implementing operational discipline and developing a repeatable playbook across all business functions from Day 1." 




SaaS Operational Excellence Program

TechXcl will work with you to:

  • Develop and execute a successful go-to-market strategy
  • Implement a B2B SaaS operational excellence system of processes, metrics, data and applications across sales, marketing, product, engineering, professional services and customer support
  • Guide you and your team on the ongoing use of the system and the scaling of your business through regular operations review meetings held 1-2 weeks prior to your Board meetings.

The B2B SaaS startup/scaleup operational excellence system incorporates:

  • Target market - definition of overall target market, segments/niches within the target market, and selection of the initial target niche
  • Product/market fit - process to develop and measure progress on product/market fit
  • Business model fit - process to develop and measure the unit economics required to successfully scale
  • Sales and marketing funnel - a high-level model of marketing and sales stages and conversion percentages across each stage
  • Sales and marketing funnel - a predictive funnel metrics model that includes monthly target metrics for each stage and the measurement of actual results versus plan
  • Sales staffing model - metrics to be used to develop a sales staff growth plan
  • Product management - product vision/strategy/roadmap processes and metrics
  • Product development - agile scrum process and metrics
  • Product marketing - messaging and sales tool processes
  • Customer onboarding - agile methodology, project management process and operating metrics 
  • Customer support - knowledge-centered support fundamentals, processes and metrics

Interim CXO

TechXcl provides Interim CXO (CEO, COO, CRO and CFO) services to B2B SaaS startups and scaleups that want help moving their business forward but are not in a position to hire a full-time executive. Our Interim CEO, COO and CRO services are provided directly by TechXcl. Our Interim CFO service is provided through a partnership with LiftBridge CFO (liftbridgecfo.com).




Thomas Millay Founder and Principal Consultant    

Thomas Millay
Founder and Principal Consultant


TechXcl Founder & Principal Consultant

Thomas Millay is the Founder and Principal Consultant of TechXcl. Thomas has over 25 years of B2B software company management experience including senior executive roles at venture capital, private equity and public companies.

B2B Software Executive positions:
Chief Operating Officer at Healthx (Frontier Capital and JMI Equity) 
Executive Chairman at WebLink (Allos Ventures and HALO Capital Group)
General Manager, CRM Division at Consona (Battery Ventures and Thoma Bravo)
SVP Product Management & Marketing at Consona
VP Sales, Marketing & Product Management at Consona
VP Sales & Services at Sterling Software

Achievement Highlights:

  • Led transformation of Healthx into scalable company resulting in acquisition by JMI Equity at 4.3x revenue valuation. COO responsibilities included Product, Engineering, Cloud Services, Professional Services and Customer Support.
  • Grew Consona from $30M to $120M resulting in 450% ROI for Battery Ventures. CRM Division General Manager responsibilities included Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Services and Customer Support.
  • Guided WebLink growth and scalability improvements as Executive Chairman resulting in successful acquisition by MemberClicks.
  • Led 225 person team to generate over $80M in revenue as VP Sales & Services  at Sterling Software.
  • Member of sales and management team at startup TI Software division that grew to $125M in 5 years.
  • Led development of company vision, mission and values at Healthx and Consona.
  • Developed and managed annual strategy planning and operating planning processes at Healthx and Consona.

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